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What I'm Doing Now

After spending the first 3 months of the year in the Canary Islands, I'm finally back home in the UK. I'm not fully convinced I've made a good trade in terms of the climate, but it has been really great seeing friends and family again after so long.

Over the last few years it has become my routine to spend significant blocks of time in other countries to make sure I'm around new people, ideas, places and cultures. The Canaries really didn't disappoint. It was a real pleasure to live on island time (very slowly), focusing my time almost exclusively on health goals and my own projects.

Here in the UK it's a sunny day and I'm currently on a surprisingly quiet train heading to London. I'm planning on catching up with some friends and getting lots more work done on Yakk – the same-named-but-new-incarnation of my language learning project which has been progressing nicely since the start of the year.

In other project news, the social network I built for the Gemini network, Station, is still growing, recently surpassing 600 users (633 right now). I didn't expect a mini-clone of Twitter for a text-only network would work, but it's turning into a cool little off-web place to hang out.

Looking longer term, my main focus now is finding a great team to join. If anyone's looking for some engineering and/or training help, please let me know – let's chat!

And for the first time since before the pandemic began, I'll be hanging out this weekend with 50+ Esperanto speakers during La Brita Kongreso – the largest Esperanto event in the UK. I'm really looking forward to seeing plenty of friendly faces and meeting some new ones, as well as hosting a few games of Homlupo (Werewolf).

Written 20th April 2022
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