Martin Rue

Martin Rue

Software developer. Language geek.
Manchester & Berlin.

What I'm doing now

This is a now page, inspired by the wonderful Derek Sivers.

I’m at home in Manchester, England. There’s been a rare sighting of blue sky.


My main focus is Yakk – a language learning project I quit my job to work full-time on just before Xmas. The deeper I get into the project the more I’m realising how big of a challenge it is, emphasised by the fact I’m currently working solo. Having said that, I can’t imagine doing anything else, and it’s awesome seeing it come together bit by bit.

When procrastinating I prefer to do it productively, which explains why I’ve created yet another Esperanto project. I’m now starting to lose count, so I created a page to track them:


I’m mostly reading language learning material recently, but I’m also slowly grinding through my book list.

Having enjoyed Steven Pressfield’s Do The Work, I recently read Turning Pro, which I found to be a nice extension.

I’m currently 70% through Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception, which is both motivating and timely in terms of how its main theme of “create your art and don’t ask for permission” captures how I feel about my work with Yakk.

By the way, all of my non-fiction reads are on my digital bookshelf.


?מה נשמע

I’m pleased to say I’m still learning Hebrew, but not so pleased to say I still suck at it. I’m enjoying how different the language is to others I’ve studied. Fun fact: I’ve spent more time discussing Hebrew in Esperanto than in English. I’m still treating it very casually, so any progress is great for now.

For German I’m back to my daily flashcard routine, and I finally feel like I’m starting to rehydrate the tiny German-speaking part of my brain.

Unsurprisingly I’m still using Esperanto much more than the other two. After reaching a certain degree of fluency, I intended to start putting more time into other languages. However, I hadn’t accounted for how interesting and rewarding continuing to use Esperanto day-to-day would be.

Travel / Health

Despite toying with the idea of a Southeast Asia workaction, the unpredictability of the evolving response to the Corona Virus means that I’ve decided not to travel now until at least the summer.

I feel like what I’m losing in terms of the joy of being somewhere else I’m already getting back from being in a productive work + gym routine.

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