Martin Rue

I build things on the internet.

What I'm Doing Now

I'm working from home on a rare blue-sky day here in Manchester.

After spending 3 months in Barcelona at the end of last year, 2021 has started in stark contrast with one of the stricest lockdowns we've had so far in the UK.

But I'm a "turn it into a positive" kind of guy.

With very few pre-lockdown-shaped distractions, I'm managing to throw a lot of hours at the things that really matter to me.

– Having put Yakk on hold while in Barcelona, I've now jumped right back in. I'm wrestling with the last few big problems before it'll be in a position to join the external feedback loop of real users, with their sharp teeth.

– I've deprioritised my study of German and Hebrew for the short term, instead focusing that effort on reaching a basic level of Spanish. There's a surprising overlap with Esperanto, which is helping a little. Pero mi acento español, bueno, ¡no hablemos de eso!

– I'm back into a good reading flow. I recently finished Antifragile, which was possibly one of the hardest reads of my life. Lots of interesting ideas for sure, but they required a disproportionate amount of time to find. I'm looking forward to something lighter, and next on my list is a second read of one of my favourites, Art & Fear.

– Gyms are still closed, but I'm managing to produce some DOM-inducing sessions with the limited equipment I have at home. At this point, I'm happy with even a tiny sense of progress.

Written 12th February 2021
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