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Why Read?
Reading is not the goal. Learning and growing is the goal, and that often necessitates not just reading, but studying, thinking and making an effort to let it stay with you.
17 Aug 14
Be With Your Thoughts More Often
Our brains are the most amazing, powerful tools we have and yet we often try our best to avoid being alone with them.
19 Mar 14
If you genuinely care enough to make something happen, it will happen.
27 Nov 13
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logsaw-viewer 5 months ago
fix alignment and soften rounded edges
logsaw-viewer 5 months ago
make pre wrap long lines
logsaw-viewer 5 months ago
change 'log' to 'debug' on UI
logsaw 5 months ago
change log() to debug() and fix bug that required all-or-nothing config
logsaw-viewer 5 months ago
display zeros if configured path directory doesn't exist yet