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Be With Your Thoughts More Often
Our brains are the most amazing, powerful tools we have and yet we often try our best to avoid being alone with them.
19 Mar 14
If you genuinely care enough to make something happen, it will happen.
27 Nov 13
Understand How It Works
Never just remember how to do something, understand how it works.
20 May 13
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node-deploy 9 days ago
change 'entry' to 'app start' to allow more flexibility in start command, bump to 0.1.0
congo 12 days ago
use forked co-mongo dependency that shares parent mongo instance
congo 14 days ago
add incomplete support for { thunk: true } config to wrap mongo calls in thunks
remove old tests and replace with initial set of end-to-end tests
add remaining test cases
Merge branch 'master' into generators
restructure tests and begin adding generator tests
integrate co-mongo for generator support and complete callback + generator tests, bump to 1.0.0
congo 19 days ago
update to mongodb 1.4.7
codeblog 19 days ago
add generators post