Martin Rue

Martin Rue

Software developer. Language geek.
Manchester & Berlin.

What I'm doing now

Hey, this is an older now page. Head over to /now to see what I’m currently doing.

It’s a cold day in Manchester and I’m working from one of the city’s many coffee shops.


A few weeks ago was my last day as a paid employee. Over the last 6 months I’ve been saving up as much money as possible, with the goal of going full-time on my language learning project Yakk. It’s great to finally reach this point. I’ll be spending the next 12+ months focusing on making Yakk awesome.

I’ve started a Trello board to organise and track what I’m doing. It’s here, if you’re curious.


Having finished a bunch of Esperanto reading, and with the annual inspiration of Jólabókaflóðið approaching, the next two books on my list are Art of Language Invention, The and The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

Today I finished reading Secrets Of Natural Success, which is a fascinating deep dive into creativity and how it’s bound to human nature, tension, imagination, and ego.

Check out my digital bookshelf if you’re looking for reading ideas – I track everything there.


This summer I attended my second SES, which is a week-long gathering of 150-250 Esperanto speakers. Everybody lives together (this year in Nitra, Slovakia), using only the international language Esperanto to socialise, learn, and have fun together. Once again it was amazing and surreal to live in what Esperantists call Esperantujo (Esperanto-land).

I’ve started casually learning Hebrew, mainly to focus on a totally different language to the typical European languages I’ve studied. I’ve got no strict aims with the language, but I’d like to reach A2 at my own pace.

Once I settle into a good working routine, I intend to start doing regular German study to get that moving again. I love German, and really want to be able to speak it more fluently.


Here in the UK winter is quickly approaching and the cold weather is already inspiring escape plans. I’m considering a few options for co-working retreats in South America or Southeast Asia to escape the cold and find a nice flow for a while. If you’ve done anything similar and would like to suggest something, please let me know.