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Martin Rue

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Let's Get Real About Ambition

Do you have a goal or ambition?

Maybe you want to build a startup, work on that side project, learn a new language or become better at something you already know. Most of us aspire to something.

Being ambitious is a good thing, but the problem is it’s too easy. It’s like the conversation you have with your friends about what you’d spend the lottery money on if you won. It’s fun, it makes you feel good for a bit, but ultimately it’s completely useless on its own.

Let’s get real – what are you doing every single fucking day to make it happen?

‘Too tired after work’? ‘Can’t get motivated enough to make a start’? ‘Really busy at work lately, no time’ ?

You know what? Accept it. It’s life’s ugly truth – most people lose around half their waking hours to earn money. I do too. But you sleep for 7 hours, that leaves 79 free awake hours in your week. Your 9-5 uses up ~40% of your time.

And yes, it’s hard work – of course it is. If it wasn’t everyone would reach their ambitions and we’d all have everything we want. The fact is, if you can’t push through that with discipline, excitement, motivation, Red Bull, whatever the hell works for you, your ambitions will always be ambitions.

Being ambitious isn’t impressive. Achieving your ambitions is impressive.

Ambition is cheap, show me the hard work.